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Facebook follies: We’re finally getting used to the change

Using Facebook today was like coming home to find that someone rearranged my furniture, ate all my food and switched my clothes to a different closet.

I promised my Facebook friends I would not whine anymore about the new changes I discovered late last night on my favorite social network. But I am sure I’m not alone in sharing what others are asking:  Hey, how come nobody asked us if we wanted our page feed reconfigured? No, I won’t whine. Unless curating content and sharing it counts! Thanks to InnovationEdge:

Today Facebook users got the shock of their social lives when they logged in only to discover that their newly-revamped News Feed  wasn’t what they expected. It’s the most talked about topic not only on Facebook, but trending on Twitter and other networks as well. It woudn’t surprise me at all to see this as a national news story tonight!

The issue is a change in how users view “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” links, because the program automatically decides for readers which stories are more important. never mind that the posts that are several hours old are mixed in with posts from five minutes ago.

The addition of the news ticker isn’t popular either. While it shows the latest posts in real time, there is no time stamp to tell you what time your friend or your page shared the information.   The real confusion comes for Facebook Page owners, who are wondering if any of their fans and customers can see their stories and links. Give it another week and page owners will be able to see if the impressions and interactions are as frequent as they were before the new changes took effect.

So what is the overall reaction? Not good, if the posts and comments are any indication. A quick look shows me that while there are hundreds of complaints and negative comments, I have yet to see any positive feedback. Check out this story to see reaction from around the world, and be sure to scroll down and read some of the comments!

Will the new changes last? Only if Facebook decides not to heed the outcry from its millions of users. Google+ anyone?

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