3 Simple Ways Quora can Drive Traffic to your blog

Quora Amy Spreeman SEO“Help! No one is reading my great content!”

Everyone wants that magic formula that will maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and attract more readers – and buyers – to their websites. You can write the most compelling article or ad content in the world, but it won’t do much good if no one is seeing what you wrote.

One of the best ways you can optimize traffic on your site is to be the answer guy – or gal – on Quora. I admit I didn’t know that much about Quora, apart from seeing it pop up in one of my many Google searches. You may have used Google to ask, “How do I grow the best tomatoes,” or, “Why are my pine trees turning brown?” Lo and behold, Quora readers are asking – and answering – the same questions.

Little did I know that this Q and A site is also an excellent way to establish thought leadership and bring new readers to blogs. According to Emily Bruckner, who recently wrote an article titled, An Alternative to SEO, says Quora doesn’t replace SEO, but it can generate a lot of traffic and even improve your SEO.

Quora is a great platform to get a solution (your product or content) to people who have the problem it’s solving. Instead of throwing your stuff in front of everyone’s eyes (running ads), you can not only give that information to people who could find it useful, but to people who ask for the solution themselves. A person asks a question, you answer it, many people see your answer.

Does it work?

Absolutely. It did for me the first time I tried it. In fact, Quora can be a major source of traffic for bloggers. “Right now, Quora is the number-one traffic driver for my blog,” says Imran Esmail, author and blogger at SmartBlogger. Esmail says: “Along the way, my answers on the platform have hit over 1,000,000 views, and I’ve been featured three times in the Quora Daily Digest that goes out to up to 2,000,000 people. And all of this has happened in just six months.”

That’s a huge return on time investment. Both Esmail and Bruckner say that getting Quora traffic does take time, and advise members to write daily. Because people are continually seeking the answers to their questions, the web traffic you’ll get is long-term activity, rather than the short-term clicks you’d get from posting on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

How to use Quora strategically

First: Make it about you

Before you jump in and start answering questions, you first need a profile page.

  • Log in with Facebook or Google+ profile, or create a separate login. Make your page authentic and engaging. Here’s mine Make sure your profile contains bold text, bulleted lists, and an image or two. (You’ll be doing this in your answers to questions as well.)
  • Next, create an eye-catching headline, which will appear beneath your name. Pick a profession or topic to help you stand out in the crowd.
  • Finally, search for topics to add to your profile. If you are interested in gardening, for instance, there are tons of options. If you plan on establishing yourself as a thought leader in Marketing or Scientific Research, you can add those to your profile. These topics will appear in your sidebar, and enable you a quick way to review questions others are asking about your area of expertise. You can even customize a bio and headline for each of your topics.

Second: Seek the (popular) questions to your answers!

Before you start answering the questions of the day, find out which questions in your area of interest are already popular. They’ll have the most views and the most upvotes. “This is the step that 95% of Quora writers miss and it’s the difference between getting 50 versus 1,000 views on your answers,” says Esmail. You can also use trending topics from Google or Twitter to find out what people are talking about right now.

Once you add your own answer to the mix, those who are following the thread will be notified that you answered. It doesn’t seem to matter traffic-wise whether the question was asked this morning or two years ago. You’ll want your answer to be seen, so be sure to use bold text, bulleted lists, and an image.

Third: Start a Quora Blog

“Oh no, not another writing platform to babysit!” I hear you. But maintaining a Quora blog is actually pretty simple if you use your existing sites. Just paste a snippet of your original content, grab a photo, and link readers to “the rest of the story” on your existing sites. That’s all there is to it.  And those blogs can get a lot of views.

I used my old “Amy In Cheeseland” Blogger site to come up with a less formal post or two:

Quora Amy in Cheeseland Wisconsin

But for more traffic to this Spreeman Communications site, I’ll replicate one of my more helpful articles to reach a new audience:

Quora Amy Spreeman Brand Voice

Final tip: Write frequently, and post answers to your questions in the early morning or evening when most people are able to read and respond. You should start to see an uptick in web traffic soon!

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