My Path

They say you should find something you love and make it your career.

So I have.  I’ve been sharing people’s stories  in one way or another from my early days in television and radio news and public relations.

Today I’m telling stories in many different industries and environments, from huge global corporations to national and local nonprofit agencies, small businesses and even radio. (Back to my roots.)

Careers are funny.

Always a journalist, I thought I needed to chase corporate pursuits in a large business or PR agency to be successful and fulfilled.   But in the early 1990s I hit a bump that would change everything.  Downsized from a corporate PR job in my mid-twenties, I frantically put together a resume and my best “clips” (writing samples), and knocked on doors. The companies were kind; cutbacks and hiring freezes were my giants. “But we have so much work,” they said. “Could you help us as a freelancer?”

Nearly 20 years after taking on those first freelance jobs, I’ve realized that on my own I can better pursue what I love doing: bringing to light the stories of people, their brands  and their vision for the future.

It’s your story.  I’m here to help you tell it!


Amy Spreeman: Your Freelance Communications Partner

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