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5 Tips to Rock Change Communication

 Change-related stress at work can take an enormous toll on an employees performance. A recent study indicates that those suffering from change-related stress perform 5% worse than the average employee. Five percent may not seem like much, but consider that any kind of stress can manifest in a number of ways at work or at […]

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Fast-track for STEM teachers: Helping to meet a demand for math, science and technology education with a path for professionals to switch careers

Today’s high school graduates can expect to work at between 10 to 14 different jobs in their lifetimes, but the nature of their careers will be more complex as technology changes. To help prepare students for the realities of today’s workforce, educators are now looking outside the classrooms for strategic partners in business, government and […]

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Seniors going social: Are you listening?

Did you know that there are currently 39 million people aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, making them the fastest growing age demographic on these sites? According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, “the 74-plus demographic is the fastest growing demographic among social networks.” But many businesses may […]

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Florida Ready Mix Company touts benefits of Badger Shredding System

         (Article contracted by Badger Shredding Corp of Wisconsin) Anyone in the business of recycling concrete knows that the daily grind has always been by nature noisy, dusty and enormously expensive. Maintenance fees alone for concrete shredding equipment can make or break a budget. But that is changing, thanks to Badger Shredding Products, Inc.’s innovative […]

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INSIGHT ON: Tourism & Team Building – Tee time

City of Appleton’s Reid Golf Course gets a new look – re-opening celebration June 7-15 Posted by Amy Spreeman on 5/01/14 • Categorized as Insight On, Tourism & Team Building Up for a few rounds of golf? After nearly two years of dirt piles and construction sounds, Reid Golf Course in Appleton is once again […]

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Regional Leadership Council aligns state’s economic climate

UP FRONT: Pieces of eight Posted by Amy Spreeman on 3/01/14 • Categorized as Up Front Yes, Wisconsin is a mixed bag of bustling metro areas and productive farming and manufacturing landscapes. But even in our rich diversity of complex economic development, new growth and innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. At least not anymore. […]

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BlueJacking: Was I vulnerable at the Express Lube?

Today I stopped by the local express lube and car wash, another routine errand in my busy afternoon. Settling into a swivel chair, I positioned myself in front of the window where I could see my car being lovingly cared for by three service technicians. An oil change, a little vacuuming of the leaf shards […]

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On track – New North’s Fast Forward 1.0 puts startups on a path to success

Here is the April 2013 Cover Story I wrote for Insight on Business Magazine. The original appears here on page 26: “Fast Forward is exciting because it rounds out our entrepreneurial ecosystem and brings venture dollars and a pipeline of jobs flowing into this state,” says Zielinski. He should know. As a member of the […]

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SHIPPING & LOGISTICS – Sharing the ride

I love writing about innovative and cool technology. It’s changing the way we do everything, including getting our products frmo point A to point B. I recently featured several local shipping & logistics companies using technology to innovate for their clients in an article for INSIGHT Magazine, a widely-read Business-to-Business publication. It was great publicity […]

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Seven Reasons I Unfollowed You (or Your Brand) on Twitter

Post via the Cision blog: I recently rejoined the Twittersphere (I was on hiatus while in between jobs last fall for fear that my future employer would be asking for passwords to my social profiles). When I began tweeting again, I was quickly reminded of the reasons I don’t follow certain colleagues or companies. Similar […]

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