Auto-Tweets: “Thanks for the follow” or whatever

Robots only do what you tell them to do. My inbox has a slew of those auto-response messages from Twitter users whom I follow.

Most are spammy, some are cheesy, some are disturbingly arrogant and only a few even try to be creative.

But no matter how cool you think your thanks-for-following-me message is,  we know it’s not you.

About a year ago I gave the auto-tweet thing a whirl, but quickly ended that practice when I realized how insincere these follow-back communications are, and how much I disliked seeing these bots in my email. I suppose I could disable that alert function, but you don’t want to miss that real person who wants to connect.

Now I try to say hello to folks who follow me. I think they appreciate that, along with a follow-back.

What do you think? Are you a fan of these messages?

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