Big brands nagging kids on Facebook may want to listen

Hey Red Bull, Nintendo, Abercrombie: you might want to quit nagging and start listening to your youngest consumers!  I share this life lesson as a parent, and it’s for your own good. You know how young people retreat to their rooms and close their doors on the grownups in the house? Well, you Big Brands hoping to connect with the emerging Generation Y on Facebook have been sorely dissapointed this year, right?

Don’t deny it. According to a recent survey, only 6 percent of young people “like” your brands and want to link their identities with your labels, logos and companies–even the cool ones.

The new survey by Forrester survey says that only 6% of 12-17 year olds think brands should even have a social media presence.  Meanwhile, just 12 percent of 18- to 24-year-old Web users want to be friends with your brand, according to Adweek.

Some social media gurus at Adweek suggest that you Big Brands might want to (gasp!) go back to being reactive rather than proactive. That’s because most young consumers don’t want you pounding on their bedroom door every five minutes. But when they do reach out to brands, they expect there is someone on the other end who will listen to them and get back to them immediately.

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