Blog Radio: a great way to share your voice

This evening  I spent some time with JBlair Brown, an online talk radio hostess who kindly allowed me to come on her show and talk about freelance writing. I’ve always known that blogging and radio were somehow connected, and now I am seeing new possibilities for entrepreneurs who have–as they say–the gift of gab.

BlogTalkRadio is a website where you can listen to programs and host your own shows. Listening costs you nothing. If you want your own show, the free version gives you a half hour on air, while the premium account allows you to have hour-long live shows with call-in guests and commenters and a live online chat at the same time. There are tens of thousands of blog radio hosts with a wide range of topics. No microphone required!  All you need is a telephone and a computer.

JBlair–or Judy, as I accidentally called her on air, warned me that her show was pretty laid back and casual. “That’s great,” I said, “because I’m a little high-energy so we’ll balance each other out!”

Listen here:

Listen to internet radio with JBlairBrown on Blog Talk Radio