Bloggers, how often do you post?

A lot of bloggers are posting fresh content every day. Others will tell you that one -to-three times per week is better.  Any longer than a seven-day stretch and you risk losing readers.

There are all sorts of good reasons to keep your blog “regular.”Check out what ProBlogger, SocialMediaToday and SuccessNexus all have to say about blogging frequency. Chris Brogan has a few ideas on using WordPress plug-in for an organized blog schedule.

Me? I need to take my friends’ advice. Which brings me to this startling confession:  This month I’ve let too much time go by between posts! The reasons are all good. I’ve got a steady stream of clients and work to be done.  I start my morning hosting a live one-hour radio show, and then it’s off to a local insurance company where I’m filling in for a marketing team associate on maternity leave.  In my spare time I’m maintaining several client blogs and ghost writing a book. Oh, and my family needs to see more of me than just the back of my head. (Priorities!)

How often do you post fresh content? What’s the magic number?