Brett Favre: When doubt taints the brand

Brett Favre Oct. 11 2010

One of the most popular Twitter searches at this moment is #Brett Favre. The usual banter, links, did-he-or-didn’t-he speculation and of course crude jokes are coming fast and furious at about 25 tweets per minute (my unscientific observation).

Whether or not the married Vikings quarterback sexted photos and messages to a young woman back when he was a New York Jet has not been confirmed by the National Football League investigators.

But to the fans the facts don’t seem to matter.

The brand that Favre has built over many years as an outstanding athlete –and for many a hero –has been tainted by speculation. His agent, the media, his fans and those who don’t like him are all weighing in and demanding answers.

When you are the brand, your response to scandal carries just as much weight as the scandal itself. It tells us about your character.  If the allegations are false, will you hold firm and strong? Say nothing? Speak through a lawyer? If they’re true, will you stand up? ‘Fess up? Deny all?

There are a number of responses Brett could have right now.  So far he has chosen “no comment.” But very soon there will be The Interview.  And these words will determine forever what happens to the brand that is Brett Favre.

If you were Brett Favre’s PR manager, what would you advise?

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