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"How did we get here?"

"How did we get here?"

Aahh, stuff!  We cling tightly to the things that matter most, don’t we? This past weekend we were treated to a fresh perspective on our stuff, and the perfect antidote to that pull we all feel toward instant gratification.  “How did we get here?” is the title of the sermon message with longtime CTR friend […]

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Keeping the memory alive

It’s now been one month since I returned from Haiti with our team. As with any trip like this, memories can fade if the traveler does not constantly remind herself what she experienced! Haiti Report-Stock the Storehouse – – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

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Not picky about their dining environment, piglets interrupt their mother's rooting to feed

Going slumming

I am still processing all that I have seen today. My energy level that was at its peak for the last two days is now beginning to fall a bit, and I sense that sleep tonight will be hard and sound. I am not prepared for the tears that are keeping me up. Pastor Lavaud […]

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Bon Jour from Port au Prince

This is the first of several reports from Haiti, where I am spending the week gathering the sights, sounds and stories from a nation where poverty is at its worst. From the moment we step off the plane in Port au Prince, Haiti becomes a real place to me. The faces I’ve seen in photos […]

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Helping the hungriest–

UPDATED: Truck is in port! A few weeks ago Christ The Rock sent a large shipment of food to Haiti, thanks to all those who contributed to our Stock The Storehouse fund. It takes some time for the container and its contents to be inspected by customs authorities, but as soon as it is cleared […]

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