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Social media’s ROI? It’s all about the engagement

How many hours do you spend tweeting, sharing and blogging about your products and services, and what do you get for your effort? That’s the million dollar question keeping too many entrepreneurs up at night. A lot of business owners want to know how to gage the return on their social media investment. The results might […]

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Egypt blackout: Google and Twitter to the rescue

I’ve been watching the news from Egypt both on television and on Twitter with some alarm these past few days, and one of the more troubling challenges coming from that nation is the fact that there is a complete blackout of all internet and cellphone communication. (By the way, President Obama has asked for this […]

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TSA screeners want to be heard too

I seldom laugh at SNL skits anymore, but this weekend’s TSA spoof elicited a good chortle: I know, I know…  this is serious business. The airport security experience has been a nightmare for a growing number of travelers.  More than a million people have been patted down by TSA employees according to the Transportation Security […]

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Photo: Red Cross

Haiti needs all the attention it can get

This morning I was listening to the news, and NPR ran a 20 second blurb on the cholera death toll in Haiti. 550.  I got to thinking, why do people in the U.S. hear stories like this and shrug their shoulders? Why aren’t we doing anything? The answer is that people are doing something. A […]

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Quenching the world’s thirst, one Tweet at a time

Have you ever done a complete 180 on your job, your career plan — your life’s purpose? Scott Harrison did. A few years ago Scott measured success by getting people smashed.  In his lavish NYC nightclubs, liquor poured by the gallon down the throats of thirsty and happening people lucky enough to get past the […]

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What do the latest social media stats mean for your business?

A global business I’m working with is run by a very successful woman who is rarely in her office–or in her home state, for that matter.  She spends a large percentage of her time developing relationships with her clients in other parts of the world and making them wildly successful. She’s right where she needs […]

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Keeping the memory alive

It’s now been one month since I returned from Haiti with our team. As with any trip like this, memories can fade if the traveler does not constantly remind herself what she experienced! Haiti Report-Stock the Storehouse – – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

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Not picky about their dining environment, piglets interrupt their mother's rooting to feed

Going slumming

I am still processing all that I have seen today. My energy level that was at its peak for the last two days is now beginning to fall a bit, and I sense that sleep tonight will be hard and sound. I am not prepared for the tears that are keeping me up. Pastor Lavaud […]

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Bon Jour from Port au Prince

This is the first of several reports from Haiti, where I am spending the week gathering the sights, sounds and stories from a nation where poverty is at its worst. From the moment we step off the plane in Port au Prince, Haiti becomes a real place to me. The faces I’ve seen in photos […]

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