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A radio DJ with headphones in the broadcasting studio

Blog Radio: a great way to share your voice

This evening  I spent some time with JBlair Brown, an online talk radio hostess who kindly allowed me to come on her show and talk about freelance writing. I’ve always known that blogging and radio were somehow connected, and now I am seeing new possibilities for entrepreneurs who have–as they say–the gift of gab. BlogTalkRadio […]

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December Insight

Times are tough, but don’t forget to build your teams

The December issue of Insight On Business Magazine is out, and my article on the importance of team building is published! These days it has never been more important to build those relationships with your co-workers outside of your beige cubicles.  Sadly, you don’t see a lot of that these days as corporate budgets are […]

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voteed today

What’s on YOUR ballot? It’s not too late to prepare

We are a culture of procrastinators, aren’t we? I’ve got an app a tool for that today! In these last moments of November 2, let’s ditch the guesswork and vote with our brains.  It only takes a few minutes to get studied up on the names and referendums on your ballot. No matter what your […]

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Insight Banker's Hours

This is your brain on technology

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as I snooze I dream about a Twitter conversation or a Facebook post.  We’re so connected with our projects and our peeps (Tweeps!) 24/7, that it’s almost a relief when the power shuts down. What are we doing to our brains?  Plenty, according to Stanford researchers. An article […]

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voter registration

Voting? A little info, please!

Sick of the ads yet? If you get your candidate information from those 30-second scathing attack ads or pieces of paper dangling from your front door, may I suggest a more informed source? You see, in my state voters are called to go to the polls tomorrow to select their candidate in Wisconsin’s primary election. […]

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The Day After…

Nine years ago most of us were glued to the television. We couldn’t look away from the destruction and heartache, and we couldn’t get enough information. Each new day that followed hinted at just how much life would change for us. You may recall that not too many companies were getting their products sold–at least […]

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Communicating your impact is elementary

When you ask your kids how their day went, do you get a “mmmffph,” an ughhhng,” or a “mmmmokay?” Yeah, me too. I learned that this isn’t the best question to ask at 3:30 p.m. Over the weekend I heard some great advice to help parents draw out real answers to what we’re really asking: […]

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Tech help that gets me

So there you are trying to figure out how to get voice mail from your new Blackberry, or how to set up a system restore on the computer you just bought. Where do you turn for help? I dread tech help. The hours waiting on the phone, the elevator music interrupted every sixty seconds to […]

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