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Home Business Attention Deficit Disorder

We freelance writers, graphic designers, consultants and independent sales types are all joined by a common bond in that we don’t have a boss or supervisor asking that we account for our time. We LOVE that! But freelancer beware, there is a hideous disease that can overtake our minds at any given moment. It’s called […]

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BlueJacking: Was I vulnerable at the Express Lube?

Today I stopped by the local express lube and car wash, another routine errand in my busy afternoon. Settling into a swivel chair, I positioned myself in front of the window where I could see my car being lovingly cared for by three service technicians. An oil change, a little vacuuming of the leaf shards […]

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The good, the bad, the vulgar: Wisconsin tweets and posts its way through storm of union protests

  Here in Wisconsin we are emerging from another foot of snow dumped on us overnight—but not many of us are chilly or even lukewarm to what’s been happening here in the Dairy State. As tempers boil on both sides of the governor’s Budget  Repair Bill, we’re turning to social media to speak out.   […]

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Friday brain freeze:  Caption this!

Friday brain freeze: Caption this!

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facebook accept

Do you have fake friends?

I just read a fascinating blog post about a guy who exposed a “poser” on Facebook. Seems that he befriended this person without really knowing much about her other than the fact that she seemed to be friends with many of his friends, so he accepted her as his own. But something didn’t sit right […]

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Brett Favre Oct. 11 2010

Brett Favre: When doubt taints the brand

One of the most popular Twitter searches at this moment is #Brett Favre. The usual banter, links, did-he-or-didn’t-he speculation and of course crude jokes are coming fast and furious at about 25 tweets per minute (my unscientific observation). Whether or not the married Vikings quarterback sexted photos and messages to a young woman back when […]

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twitter image on car

Twitter can do just about anything

But can it sell this car? I wonder if Twitter is the new–or even better, the new Craigslist?Would you buy a car from this tweet?

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Mom computer

Working on the weekend?

Some of you have already started — some can’t wait until 5 o’clock. And then there are the rest of us. We have no intention of putting our Blackberries down at the movies or saving that text until halftime at tonight’s game. Because sometimes the boss wants an answer right away. If the boss is […]

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A Coke by any other name

I was raised on pop. I’ve lived in places where it’s called coke. Which is descriptive if you’re cracking the top of a red and white can, but calling a root beer “coke” is disturbing to me. Now I live in a place where we call fizzy canned soft drinks “soda,” and I’ve adapted my […]

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