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Smart Vending Machine Rewards Yawns With Free Cup Of Coffee

Imagine stumbling into your kitchen in the morning and activating your coffee machine – with a yawn! Facial recognition can make just about anything possible, even getting a cup of strong joe. Actually, this technology is a few years old. Coffee roaster Douwe Egberts experimented with the yawn-activated technology on unsuspecting, tired airline passengers at […]

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Amy Spreeman Freelance Home Office

Home Business Attention Deficit Disorder

We freelance writers, graphic designers, consultants and independent sales types are all joined by a common bond in that we don’t have a boss or supervisor asking that we account for our time. We LOVE that! But freelancer beware, there is a hideous disease that can overtake our minds at any given moment. It’s called […]

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Buzzword Bingo

Business jargon: Are you leveraging laziness?

Ever play one of those covert, under-the-boardroom-table “jargon” BINGO games with your co-workers? You know, a friendly competition to see who can get the first row of pithy phrases or words the managers say at the staff meeting?  I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual person who would rather not hear about “boiling […]

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I don't know her, but I like her!

Gangsta, and other words I’m not allowed to say.

  “Great song! Crank it up, mom.” When my eldest got to the age where he started thinking he was cooler than me, I was determined to find a way to demonstrate that he in fact was wrong.   This here was my deliverance.  My teachable moment. The rock song was from the 80s–MY era! Loud […]

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Are your ideas all wet?

Where do you get your best and brightest ideas? Mine pop into my head in the shower. Scientifically, I don’t know if the hot water stimulates blood flow to my noggin, but I noticed that I become a brilliant thinker in my 3′ x 4′ white space. Blame any genius ideas after 7 a.m. on […]

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Amy ousted Foursquare as mayor of her time

Why I dumped Foursquare

Why didn’t I do this earlier?  The pressure is off! I no longer have to battle my buddies to maintain my coolness as top dog at the gas station on Highway 47.  I can finally stop wondering where I can spend those points, or how I can flash the bling of my badges. I have […]

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A radio DJ with headphones in the broadcasting studio

Blog Radio: a great way to share your voice

This evening  I spent some time with JBlair Brown, an online talk radio hostess who kindly allowed me to come on her show and talk about freelance writing. I’ve always known that blogging and radio were somehow connected, and now I am seeing new possibilities for entrepreneurs who have–as they say–the gift of gab. BlogTalkRadio […]

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Friday brain freeze:  Caption this!

Friday brain freeze: Caption this!

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Ouch! How to take the sting out of your emails

Ever get one of those emails that makes you cringe in fear or clench in anger–only to find out that the sender “didn’t mean it like that?” Or perhaps you’ve sent an innocent email that unintentionally ruffled some feathers. There’s an app for that–one that can turn venom into sugar. ToneCheck by Lymbix helps you […]

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Think Orange!

The color orange is splashy and memorable, don’t you think? This afternoon I left the kids in charge of carving pumpkins while I kicked back with an iced Americano and my Twitter friends. I soon discovered what happens at the Spreeman household when you put the teens in charge of the Halloween decor: I’m leaving […]

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