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Are your Demo videos boring?

Here’s some Friday fun: You might not have heard about Chubby Bunny. But you can’t deny the sticky (literally!) communication power these kids have in their amateur messing-around style. Let’s face it; most demo videos — especially technical videos — are yawners. Next time you set out to create a how-to video demonstrating your product […]

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iStock birthday girl

Facebook Girl Accidentally Invites 21,000 People To Party

Oops. Well, who hasn’t done that, right? You create a Facebook event and share it with a few of your close pals, and you know they just can’t help themselves. 15-year-old Rebecca Javeleau meant to invite only 15 friends to her birthday party, but instead her guest list exploded into 21,000 people who RSVP’d for […]

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twitter image on car

Twitter can do just about anything

But can it sell this car? I wonder if Twitter is the new–or even better, the new Craigslist?Would you buy a car from this tweet?

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Borrowed Names

Know who else used a ghost writer?

“Sometimes they can hardly tell who wrote which word, who shaped with sentence. It doesn’t matter.  …Months later, she holds a bound book, breathes in paper like a bouquet, strokes the cover, smooth as petals, around her mother’s name: Laura Ingalls Wilder. ‘It’s all yours,’ Rose says, though every sentence was touched by both mother […]

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Bob Dylan and Google: Be the change

PSSSST: Want to shave 2-5 seconds off your Google search? This week Google announced Google Instant, a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. Even when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, Google’s predictions (guesses) help guide your search. And if everyone in the world used it, we’d save a collective […]

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