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Breaking News: The Tweet that started it all

As soon as I heard that President Obama was going to address the nation about a mysterious topic, I sat up in my chair. “That’s weird,” I thought.  The news anchors seemed as befuddled as the rest of the nation. Usually we at least know the topic.  I popped up my Twitter app and squinted […]

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A live view of Madison: Real time changes everything

The tone in Madison is getting uglier by the moment. Here is a live stream of the scene at the State Capitol right now: Watch live streaming video from theuptake at It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Equally as riveting is the live Twitter feed to the side of the video.

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The good, the bad, the vulgar: Wisconsin tweets and posts its way through storm of union protests

  Here in Wisconsin we are emerging from another foot of snow dumped on us overnight—but not many of us are chilly or even lukewarm to what’s been happening here in the Dairy State. As tempers boil on both sides of the governor’s Budget  Repair Bill, we’re turning to social media to speak out.   […]

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December Insight

Times are tough, but don’t forget to build your teams

The December issue of Insight On Business Magazine is out, and my article on the importance of team building is published! These days it has never been more important to build those relationships with your co-workers outside of your beige cubicles.  Sadly, you don’t see a lot of that these days as corporate budgets are […]

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TSA screeners want to be heard too

I seldom laugh at SNL skits anymore, but this weekend’s TSA spoof elicited a good chortle: I know, I know…  this is serious business. The airport security experience has been a nightmare for a growing number of travelers.  More than a million people have been patted down by TSA employees according to the Transportation Security […]

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