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I’m not feeling you! 4 Ways Your Website Gets Me To Buy Your Product

I like to shop, but hate to go shopping. Does that make sense? The crowds, the picked-over items, and knowing that flu and cold germs are lurking on everything I touch. That’s the problem—The little kid in me wants to touch everything, even stuff I don’t want to buy! Whether it’s a bright red cashmere […]

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chocolate truffel

Chocolate Branding is bittersweet

I remember when brownish diamonds were jewelry store rejects. Far inferior to the real thing: the bright sparklers that would set a guy back two-and-a-half paycheck cycles. Not anymore.  We’ll apparently consume anything coated with rich,  succulent chocolate. Yes, Chocolate Diamonds are now the “it” stone of 2011. No longer relegated to second or third […]

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Online for the Holidays? 11 tips to avoid internet shopping disasters

Did you know that American consumers will spend 25 percent of their holiday gift budget on online purchases? We are so used to shopping via click that we don’t even think twice about fraud. Online shopping fast, easy and more risky than ever, thanks to the seething yellow underbelly of online criminals eagerly waiting to […]

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Cyber Monday: Top Seven Clicks for great deals

If you thought Black Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year—“ehrrrrrgh!” (That’s my phonetic attempt at the “wrong answer” buzzer. I dare you to come up with a better one!) Today is Cyber Monday, the true celebration consumption via click. Almost every retailer with a website– 88 percent—is offering discounts and free shipping […]

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Thanksgiving kids

“We’re open!” Retailers change Thanksgiving forever

Where are your Thanksgiving dinner guests? Shopping?  Working to serve the shoppers? Thanksgiving is no longer a day to simply rest and be thankful.  It’s not about the family gathered around the table. It’s not about the parades and the football game. It’s not even about the turkey and stuffing.  It’s about stuff. In an […]

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