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This is your brain on technology

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as I snooze I dream about a Twitter conversation or a Facebook post.  We’re so connected with our projects and our peeps (Tweeps!) 24/7, that it’s almost a relief when the power shuts down. What are we doing to our brains?  Plenty, according to Stanford researchers. An article […]

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What is the ROI on your company’s social media?

Do you ever hear business leaders ask about their return on their investment with social media? I do. ROI is certainly not one of those tangibles you can measure in the traditional way. One of the books I feature in my Recommended Reading list is Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and […]

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fb fan page

Five great reasons your company needs Facebook

Earlier I wrote about why your company should blog and the four key elements to get you started. If you’ve done that, great! But if people don’t know you’ve got something new and interesting to say, why bother blogging at all? The reality is, people aren’t going to come to your blog to read what […]

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Crowdsourcing: If you have to ask…

“What should I do?” Nike Basketball sincerely wants Lebron James fans to weigh in on this creative new ad titled “Rise.” But is the basketball superstar ready for the honest answers? He asks the question more times than I care to count. But he also inserted one sentence without the questionmark: “I am not a […]

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Are your Demo videos boring?

Here’s some Friday fun: You might not have heard about Chubby Bunny. But you can’t deny the sticky (literally!) communication power these kids have in their amateur messing-around style. Let’s face it; most demo videos — especially technical videos — are yawners. Next time you set out to create a how-to video demonstrating your product […]

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Leave Brittney alone

Why you can’t make a viral video

“Where my kids at?” I love this video from Toyota. Genius, right? Most marketing departments have thought it. Maybe even said it:  “Let’s make a viral video.”   But the hard truth is, there’s no such thing as Viral Marketing. That’s because you cannot force other people to share your wonderful message. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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Do you have fake friends?

I just read a fascinating blog post about a guy who exposed a “poser” on Facebook. Seems that he befriended this person without really knowing much about her other than the fact that she seemed to be friends with many of his friends, so he accepted her as his own. But something didn’t sit right […]

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Brett Favre Oct. 11 2010

Brett Favre: When doubt taints the brand

One of the most popular Twitter searches at this moment is #Brett Favre. The usual banter, links, did-he-or-didn’t-he speculation and of course crude jokes are coming fast and furious at about 25 tweets per minute (my unscientific observation). Whether or not the married Vikings quarterback sexted photos and messages to a young woman back when […]

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Quenching the world’s thirst, one Tweet at a time

Have you ever done a complete 180 on your job, your career plan — your life’s purpose? Scott Harrison did. A few years ago Scott measured success by getting people smashed.  In his lavish NYC nightclubs, liquor poured by the gallon down the throats of thirsty and happening people lucky enough to get past the […]

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What do the latest social media stats mean for your business?

A global business I’m working with is run by a very successful woman who is rarely in her office–or in her home state, for that matter.  She spends a large percentage of her time developing relationships with her clients in other parts of the world and making them wildly successful. She’s right where she needs […]

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