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5 Essential Facebook tips for Freelance Writers

If you are a freelance writer or you want to be one, you need a Facebook Page! Here are 5 tips to make it successful.

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Home Business Attention Deficit Disorder

We freelance writers, graphic designers, consultants and independent sales types are all joined by a common bond in that we don’t have a boss or supervisor asking that we account for our time. We LOVE that! But freelancer beware, there is a hideous disease that can overtake our minds at any given moment. It’s called […]

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Are you connecting with your LinkedIn connections?

LinkedIn profiles remind me of that Dr. Seuss book I had when I was a young lass. My Book About Me captured all the important facts you’d need to know about the essence of a person. Professionally, that’s how many people use LinkedIn.  If you want to leverage LinkedIn to find a job or make […]

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Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog

It’s a necessary evil, but as long as great content is the top priority and SEO is second, it’s better that you are found than lost. I use some of these, plus a few not listed. What tools do you use? Many of the same principles apply to optimizing a blog for search as for […]

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5 ways to write for the ear, not the eye

Can you hear the voices?  Yes, I have voices going in my head–I promise I’m not crazy, I’m a writer!  The voices are my imaginary scripts and presentations spoken in an auditorium or in front of a television camera as I write them. Writing for the ear using imaginary voices is a trick I learned […]

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The invisible thing you have to give your blog readers

I can’t not share this terrific post from one of my favorite blogger/writers. I’ve met Jon Acuff twice; once at a conference he was leading, and once when he so kindly reviewed my blog and offered great, insightful tips on how to better reach out to my readers. Jon is a national best-selling author, hosts […]

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5 tips to max out your website results

Too many ineffective websites are leaving me with a choice you don’t want your customers to have to make: I can either jump through hoops to share content or engage with with you, or I can simply click away. Abandon ship. If you want your targeted customers to stay engaged and come back again, here […]

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Bloggers, how often do you post?

A lot of bloggers are posting fresh content every day. Others will tell you that one -to-three times per week is better.  Any longer than a seven-day stretch and you risk losing readers. There are all sorts of good reasons to keep your blog “regular.”Check out what ProBlogger, SocialMediaToday and SuccessNexus all have to say […]

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I’m not feeling you! 4 Ways Your Website Gets Me To Buy Your Product

I like to shop, but hate to go shopping. Does that make sense? The crowds, the picked-over items, and knowing that flu and cold germs are lurking on everything I touch. That’s the problem—The little kid in me wants to touch everything, even stuff I don’t want to buy! Whether it’s a bright red cashmere […]

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Online for the Holidays? 11 tips to avoid internet shopping disasters

Did you know that American consumers will spend 25 percent of their holiday gift budget on online purchases? We are so used to shopping via click that we don’t even think twice about fraud. Online shopping fast, easy and more risky than ever, thanks to the seething yellow underbelly of online criminals eagerly waiting to […]

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