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Seven Reasons I Unfollowed You (or Your Brand) on Twitter

Post via the Cision blog: I recently rejoined the Twittersphere (I was on hiatus while in between jobs last fall for fear that my future employer would be asking for passwords to my social profiles). When I began tweeting again, I was quickly reminded of the reasons I don’t follow certain colleagues or companies. Similar […]

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How Much Does a Twitter Follower Cost?

You know those “Promoted” accounts and tweets on your Twitter sidebar? It turns out that some brands pay for Twitter followers. Oh, they don’t pay people to have them follow, but there is a cost involved, according to an email campaign from someone in Twitter Sales to prospective advertisers. What I didn’t know is that […]

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Need work? Find your next gig through social media!

Have you ever found a job or freelance client via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? I have! Finding the right candidate for a job is like finding a new apartment: timing, finances and quality all have to align just right. And somehow, the pool of options always seems to feel both prohibitively large and prohibitively limited […]

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Breaking News: The Tweet that started it all

As soon as I heard that President Obama was going to address the nation about a mysterious topic, I sat up in my chair. “That’s weird,” I thought.  The news anchors seemed as befuddled as the rest of the nation. Usually we at least know the topic.  I popped up my Twitter app and squinted […]

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The good, the bad, the vulgar: Wisconsin tweets and posts its way through storm of union protests

  Here in Wisconsin we are emerging from another foot of snow dumped on us overnight—but not many of us are chilly or even lukewarm to what’s been happening here in the Dairy State. As tempers boil on both sides of the governor’s Budget  Repair Bill, we’re turning to social media to speak out.   […]

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Egypt blackout: Google and Twitter to the rescue

I’ve been watching the news from Egypt both on television and on Twitter with some alarm these past few days, and one of the more troubling challenges coming from that nation is the fact that there is a complete blackout of all internet and cellphone communication. (By the way, President Obama has asked for this […]

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Auto-Tweets: “Thanks for the follow” or whatever

Robots only do what you tell them to do. My inbox has a slew of those auto-response messages from Twitter users whom I follow. Most are spammy, some are cheesy, some are disturbingly arrogant and only a few even try to be creative. But no matter how cool you think your thanks-for-following-me message is,  we […]

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