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5 Essential Facebook tips for Freelance Writers

If you are a freelance writer or you want to be one, you need a Facebook Page! Here are 5 tips to make it successful.

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Amy Spreeman Writer

When hiring a writer makes sense

Have you ever avoided a service or product because of schmaltzy writing? Of course you have! Why would you invest your time, money and reputation with a business that can’t be bothered to proofread its mailer or tell you a compelling story? When I see spelling errors or grammar mistakes, I assume that the “boss” […]

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5 ways to write for the ear, not the eye

Can you hear the voices?  Yes, I have voices going in my head–I promise I’m not crazy, I’m a writer!  The voices are my imaginary scripts and presentations spoken in an auditorium or in front of a television camera as I write them. Writing for the ear using imaginary voices is a trick I learned […]

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Curation vs. Content: Why you need both

“Stand back everyone; I’m having an original thought!” Does it seem to you like the art of writing original content is gasping for oxygen? Curation (sharing other people’s content across social media streams) is becoming a science in itself. There are different schools of thought on curation strategy, and I’ve included some links below this […]

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The invisible thing you have to give your blog readers

I can’t not share this terrific post from one of my favorite blogger/writers. I’ve met Jon Acuff twice; once at a conference he was leading, and once when he so kindly reviewed my blog and offered great, insightful tips on how to better reach out to my readers. Jon is a national best-selling author, hosts […]

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Are you screaming at your customers?

As a parent of two teens, I can tell you the most effective types of communications that produce results, and the types that inspire eyeball rolling.  Generally: engaging, asking, listening, affirming = good; shouting, screaming, nagging = not good. The best leadership in your family is not so different from the leaders we need to […]

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Making a tough call

Ever go through a season in your life when you’ve had to make serious decisions for someone who can no longer decide for him or herself? We’re going through that at our house right now, with an aging parent who doesn’t recall ever being in our home or hearing stories she’s told countless times. As […]

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Grammar Grab: Entitled, or Titled?

  “…And here is Justin Bieber’s brand new hit, entitled Love Me.” Wait a second, is his music really entitled to something? Is it truly deserving of all those shrieking girls, body guards and millions of dollars? From a grammar standpoint, no. People get titled and entitled mixed up all the time. Here’s the truth: […]

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A radio DJ with headphones in the broadcasting studio

Blog Radio: a great way to share your voice

This evening  I spent some time with JBlair Brown, an online talk radio hostess who kindly allowed me to come on her show and talk about freelance writing. I’ve always known that blogging and radio were somehow connected, and now I am seeing new possibilities for entrepreneurs who have–as they say–the gift of gab. BlogTalkRadio […]

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blog frequency

Bloggers, how often do you post?

A lot of bloggers are posting fresh content every day. Others will tell you that one -to-three times per week is better.  Any longer than a seven-day stretch and you risk losing readers. There are all sorts of good reasons to keep your blog “regular.”Check out what ProBlogger, SocialMediaToday and SuccessNexus all have to say […]

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