Curation vs. Content: Why you need both

“Stand back everyone; I’m having an original thought!”

Does it seem to you like the art of writing original content is gasping for oxygen? Curation (sharing other people’s content across social media streams) is becoming a science in itself.

There are different schools of thought on curation strategy, and I’ve included some links below this article that explain this in more detail. (My friend Todd at E1evation is great at this, and coaches others expertly.)

Is there a downside to simply curating everyone else’s posts and tweets? I think the answer is yes, if you don’t have a strategy or the right balance.  Some believe in a formula, such as writing one original article for every five or ten they share, while others share a much smaller percentage.

Then there are the industry “experts” who rarely write their own content and rely on the brilliance of complete strangers to populate their blogs, Facebook Pages and Twitter streams.  I have to wonder: Does he think for himself? Does she have anything to offer my business?

I like to share other people’s tweets, and from time to time I share some excellent posts I think you’d find helpful from other writers and thought leaders. But when it comes to blogging for my clients, I help staff writers and CEOs craft their messages and tell their brand stories in their own words. We learn together how to write for the eye. The ear. And just as importantly, the share.

How much curating do you do?


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