Disney wants your vacation to be Gowalla active

“It’s for the children,” I tell myself. We’ve got the airfare, we’ve got the hotel, and I guess the only thing left to do is go to the app store and download Gowalla. I don’t need another location-based app, but if I want the deals on our Orlando trip then I guess I’ll have to go along with the crowd.

Disney announced its partnership with the Gowalla location-based app to get tourists interactive at its Disneyworld and Disneyland theme parks.

Gowalla's Disney page. Photo credit: Mashable.com

Why not the more popular Faceboook Places or Foursquare? Disney says Gowalla seems “more suited” for creating the type of exploration experience Disney wants its guests to have.

Disney has created hundreds of its own branded stamps for everything from rides and attractions to food. Plus there is a photo and check-in stream so I  can see who’s in my Space Mountain queue.  I’m trusting that there will be a deal or two along the way, like a coupon or a two-fer.

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