How to do something good with Twitter and Facebook this December

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Snow on my windshield, check.  Bells and red kettles, definitely. Yes, Virginia, it really is December. In addition to the serving and giving you’re going to do this month, you might want to add tweeting and sharing to your goodwill list.

I experienced the sharing of good cheer this morning from someone I didn’t know who saw my tweet about the blog I wrote on the Fox Valley Warming Shelter, my hometown’s new haven for our homeless population. This person no doubt used Twitter Search to read all the tweets about homeless stories, because within seconds of my tweet he sent me this video he composed and asked if I would share it:

I’m seeing all sorts of holiday sharing on Twitter. This year some of my other Twitter friends (I can’t bring myself to call them Tweeps yet) are sending out Tweetvites to join in ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

Over on Facebook, you can spread the gift of giving by simply posting a link to the charities and causes you support.  There are many Facebook users who don’t know how to use this linking feature yet, so here is a mini-tutorial:

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1. On your Facebook page where you’d normally post cute photos of your dog or a status update on how your day is going, paste the website address of a news story, YouTube video or nonprofit organization. 2. Watch what happens next! A lovely headline will pop up in your status area with a photo of some sort from that webpage you posted. 3. Click through your choices of photos until you find one that matches your story. 4. Now erase that long website address you pasted and leave it blank or write something like, “Check this out–I think you should support this worthy cause.”  In your own words, of course. 5. Click SHARE. That’s all there is to it.

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