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If your website is so five years ago, it’s probably not giving you the results you want. In many industries, the real “front door” of the business (the website) is behind the 8-ball when it comes to online presence and ROI.

Here’s the story I wrote this month for Insight on Manufacturing, and online magazine, about a manufacturing company with a great story to tell, except that their 15-year-old website was static and not driving customers to their business.

The manufacturing industry has for the most part been behind others in adapting to best Internet practices, and it has not been because of an adversity to change.

“It’s understanding and using web technology in the bigger marketing picture,” said David Lisle, president and CEO of Wausaukee Composites. The company

manufactures highly-engineered composite components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in a variety of industries.  Lisle knew that his website was ineffective, and needed to bring his online presence and his own understanding up to speed.

“Our site was 15 years old, and was pretty static. We have a great story to tell, but we weren’t really using the power of persuasion or communicating our core messages to our customers online,” Lisle said.

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