Facebook event? Here are 10 Tips for invitation success

Why do some Facebook events get a lot of “I’m Attending” clicks and comments, while others may as well have images of tumbleweeds and crickets chirping? The answer might just be in how the invitation is presented and worded.  Here are ten ways your business can use Facebook to make your next event successful:

  1. Gear the event to your people. In other words, target your niche group. No sense in inviting Grandma or your old high school chums to your company open house, right?  If you need a basic primer, here is a link from Mashable about how to do this.
  2. Line up influential supporters to help you promote the event.  This can be people high up in your company, well-known leaders in your community or perhaps a publisher of a local B2B magazine.
  3. No last-minute invites.  Six weeks ahead is a great time to send the Facebook notice. Give yourself enough lead time before the event to invite people and clear up issues that often pop up.
  4. Categorize your friends beforehand using Facebook friend lists. This helps you target your audience as well as controls who sees what.
  5. Post the event or an article that you write about it on your business page, your personal profile and in Facebook groups catering to your niche.
  6. Post your Facebook event related links several times during the period before your event and even during your event. Just don’t overdo it and become obnoxious.
  7. Promote your event on your blog and on social media sites such as Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  8. Invite your email contacts to join you at the event. Lists like the ones you’d use in Constant Contact or Green Wave Email Marketing, allow you to directly upload contacts without requiring them to re-opt in.
  9. Send individual messages personally inviting Facebook friends to attend. No only does this work if done right, it can help build relationships.
  10. Be prepared for a disappointing number of responses. It’s true people are busy, but resist the temptation to make Facebook invites all about the numbers. Instead, focus on creating a fun buzz, extending your brand and better contact targeting, and you’ll see some invite action in no time.
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