Facebook Girl Accidentally Invites 21,000 People To Party

Oops. Well, who hasn’t done that, right?

You create a Facebook event and share it with a few of your close pals, and you know they just can’t help themselves.

15-year-old Rebecca Javeleau meant to invite only 15 friends to her birthday party, but instead her guest list exploded into 21,000 people who RSVP’d for her Facebook event.

Rebecca’s mom was none too happy (make that “mum;” they live in the U.K.), and she canceled the party and called police.“Rebecca did not understand the privacy settings and she has lost her internet as a result of that – I’ve taken away her computer so she won’t make that mistake again,” her mum told the media.

Apparently she lost her cell phone privileges too, after 8,000 people called her to say they were coming.

Even though Rebecca’s Facebook party posting was removed, police are still worried about the fact that her picture was circulated throughout the world. Then there is the matter of several other Facebook group events that were established for Rebecca: The pre-party, after-party, clear-up party and ‘hang-over’ party.   There are fears thousands could still turn up in the town, which has a population of 30,000.

But back to Rebecca.  She is supposed to be techno-savvy, right? Isn’t anyone of high school age a Facebook expert? I’m sure there’s a lesson in all of this. I’m just wondering which one she learned.

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