Helping the hungriest–

UPDATED: Truck is in port!

haiti-girls2A few weeks ago Christ The Rock sent a large shipment of food to Haiti, thanks to all those who contributed to our Stock The Storehouse fund.

It takes some time for the container and its contents to be inspected by customs authorities, but as soon as it is cleared the people in the community of Hinche will have rice and beans. Lots of it.

Hinche is a city north east of Port au Prince, where we’ve built partnerships and relationships over the years. Haiti is by far the hungriest, poorest, neediest nation on this side of the globe.

Through our connections, we’ve been able to arrange for a large container of food–imagine the biggest semi truck you’ve ever seen–at a very inexpensive transportation rate.

Almost from the moment our church body heard about the great need, they’ve generously poured their love and gifts toward this incredible opportunity.   From those donations, we’re going to provide 50,000 pounds of dried rice and dried beans to the hungry.

It costs just one dime to provide a plate of rice and beans as a meal to a hungry person in Haiti. This container we’re providing will provide 400,000 portions!

Please pray with us that we can continue our work and minister to those in need in Haiti with the love of Christ.

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  1. tashiana January 31, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    i feel sorry for them so at my school i put money up for them and for all the kids that complain about them not getting what they want yall should be thankyou cause yall not like the people in haiti and im thankful to

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