Grammar Grab: Entitled, or Titled?


Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...

“…And here is Justin Bieber’s brand new hit, entitled Love Me.”

Wait a second, is his music really entitled to something? Is it truly deserving of all those shrieking girls, body guards and millions of dollars?
From a grammar standpoint, no.

People get titled and entitled mixed up all the time. Here’s the truth: The title of a song, book, play or blog post cannot be entitled to anything. Even if it’s great.

Titled is the correct adjective for introducing a headline or label. Entitled means that a person, song or story has rights to something. If you have purchased a Lady Gaga concert ticket for Seat 53, Row C, you are entitled to sit there. But if you hear an announcer say that Lady Gaga’s new song is entitled, Born This Way, you are now entitled to send an email to the concert venue explaining why his or her use of entitled is incorrect.

I am kidding; no one is entitled to correct a person’s grammar (unless your desk is in front of a classroom).

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