Haiti needs all the attention it can get

Photo: Red Cross

This morning I was listening to the news, and NPR ran a 20 second blurb on the cholera death toll in Haiti. 550.  I got to thinking, why do people in the U.S. hear stories like this and shrug their shoulders? Why aren’t we doing anything?

The answer is that people are doing something. A medical team from Wisconsin is leaving tonight to administer medication and rehydration supplies–and whatever else is needed in a country that is hit time after time with disasters. I am glad that the church I belong to organizes trips like this. As soon as I heard this story I knew I needed to tell this story.  I’ve blogged about it here.

I’ve been to Haiti. Pre-earthquake was bad enough, but now conditions there are even worse.  I’ll go back someday. I can’t go with my friends tonight, but I can share their news.  How can I not?