Home Business Attention Deficit Disorder

Don't let HBADD happen to you.

We writers, graphic designers, consultants and independent sales types are all joined by a common bond in that we don’t have a boss or supervisor asking that we account for our time.

We LOVE that!

But freelancer beware, there is a hideous disease that can overtake our minds at any given moment. It’s called Home Business Attention Deficit Disorder, or HBADD for short.
Don’t let this happen to you.
I have had this on occassion and have suffered terribly! But there is good news: This horrible malady is completely preventable! Please make sure you are getting a daily dose of focus, and do have a system in place to prevent the disgusting sucking of time. Once your time is sucked, there is no way of unsucking it, and you’ve lost it forever.
Please view the following video to see if you have any of these symptoms in your own daily routine:

Do you have any wellness tips you’ve used to prevent HBADD? Let’s build community and share them in the comments section below.
Be well,