How Much Does a Twitter Follower Cost?

You know those “Promoted” accounts and tweets on your Twitter sidebar? It turns out that some brands pay for Twitter followers. Oh, they don’t pay people to have them follow, but there is a cost involved, according to an email campaign from someone in Twitter Sales to prospective advertisers.

What I didn’t know is that there is actually a Cost Per Follower (CPF) rate for those Twitter accounts that are promoted. There is also a cost-per-engagement (clicks, favorites, retweets and “@Replies.”) for Promoted Tweets.

According to the memo from Twitter, the CPF costs between $2.50 and $4, while the listed CPE rates come in from $0.75 to $2.50, and advertisers must commit to three months at a minimum spend of $15,000.

Here’s the full sales letter:

Hello, ‬
Thanks for reaching out to us to inquire about Twitter’s Advertising Products. We are happy to inform you that Twitter is preparing to roll out our next phase of beta testing, and we’d like to invite you to join us.

Please review the details of the program at the bottom of this email and reply to this email by COB (close of business), Thursday, 12/8 if your company meets the following qualifications and is interested in learning more. Once I have received your reply, I will follow up with you to set up a call and discuss next steps.

In the interim. I definitely recommend that you follow the @TwitterAds account and check out Twitter’s Advertising Blog here:

Also wanted to take a moment to highlight that for the FIRST time in the history of Twitter advertisers are able to reach highly-relevant and targeted users on Twitter who are not currently following your account, with engaging and timely messages about your brand. At this time, the product is rolled out to only 25% of users on Twitter, and we’re already seeing well over 15x the impression volume of Promoted Tweets targeted in search, with the same stellar engagement rates.

Why advertise with Twitter?

  • 100+ million active users, over 250+ million tweets per day
  • Strong engagement rate for all Promoted Products
  • Access to Analytics Dashboards with tweet-level performance data
  • Verification of your company’s Twitter accountPromoted Products:
  • Promoted Accounts: (PAc)Build a critical mass of loyal followers
  • Target based on keywords, interest, and country
  • Cost Per Follower (CPF) Auction
  • Competitive CPF = $2.50-4
  • Promoted Tweets: (PTw)Amplify your message beyond your core followership
  • Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Auction
  • Engagement = (Clicks + Favorites + Retweets + @Replies) / Impressions
  • Competitive CPE = $0.75- $2.50Qualifications:
  • 3-month commitment, $15k – $25k commitment
  • Established Twitter presence; at least 50 tweets per account • Previous experience running SEM, Adwords, or Facebook campaigns
  • Willingness to provide lots of feedback
  • Twitter’s IO, Ts&CsExpectations:
  • Beta test: Please remember that this program is still in a testing phase. We are looking for partners who are tolerant, flexible, and committed to helping us perfect our offerings.
  • Account Management and Support: Expect live on boarding and training at initial launch, followed by an online help center and automated support throughout the program.

How Much Does a Twitter Follower Cost?


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