I’m not feeling you! 4 Ways Your Website Gets Me To Buy Your Product

I like to shop, but hate to go shopping. Does that make sense? The crowds, the picked-over items, and knowing that flu and cold germs are lurking on everything I touch.

That’s the problem—The little kid in me wants to touch everything, even stuff I don’t want to buy! Whether it’s a bright red cashmere scarf for a velvety plush doggie toy, those textures make my fingers reach out.

Online shopping is perfect for us retail aversionistas, except for the touchy-feely side of me people like me. So if you sell products online, how do you get around the research that says customers who psychically touch items while shopping reportedstatistically significant higher of perceived ownership?

By making just a few tweaks, your website can get folks like me to browse and almost touch! Here a few tips:

Let me see.. If I can’t see what I’m buying, I’m not buying. If your photo is large enough to show texture, I can imagine what that fabric, stone, jewelry or container feels like.  Consider adding flash or javascript that allows us to hover over the photo and see small details.  If you can give me multiple photos or angles, or show your product in various color choices—even better.

Let me roll the video. I love those 360 degree views on real estate sites that allow me to see an entire room as if I’m slowly circling around. You can even have a sales person or customer share a testimonial or product demonstration.

Let me play. Demos of your software products or apps are great, as long as I don’t have to be on your mailing list. I’m just looking to see if your product is right for me.

Set the mood. Is your website inviting me to linger? If you have warm colors and vibrant messages, I might stick around and shop awhile. Store owners do the same thing with their frequent display changes. Bring me some interesting textures and movement in your web design to invite me in.

Final tip: If in the future someone ever invents a Cinnebon aroma for website applications, jump on it right away!

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