Making a tough call

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Ever go through a season in your life when you’ve had to make serious decisions for someone who can no longer decide for him or herself? We’re going through that at our house right now, with an aging parent who doesn’t recall ever being in our home or hearing stories she’s told countless times.

As we watch her condition rapidly worsen, our hearts ache knowing that there will come a day when she won’t remember us, or her grandchildren.

So when I got an assignment recently to write about long-term health care facilities, I knew the article could not have come at a better time for me. The article is titled, Long-Term Solutions: Service Providers and the State Grapple with the Best Way to Provide Cost-Effective Long-Term Care, and it’s on page 36 of the just-published March issue of Insight on Business Magazine.

A lot of us are having to make plans for our aging parents for the long term. But with shrinking state budgets, I fear many more people will fall through the cracks of benefits I know our mom needs, but probably won’t receive. ┬áTo all of you who are in the same boat, courage.

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