Quenching the world’s thirst, one Tweet at a time

Have you ever done a complete 180 on your job, your career plan — your life’s purpose? Scott Harrison did.

A few years ago Scott measured success by getting people smashed.  In his lavish NYC nightclubs, liquor poured by the gallon down the throats of thirsty and happening people lucky enough to get past the bouncers and velvet ropes.

Scott was happy–and well-compensated–for serving up escapism by the snifter.  Thing is, when you come face-to-face with the brutal reality of your own self-centeredness you start to see how the world really is.

What he saw in his own ugliness was a spark of determination to do something beautiful and meaningful.  And he knew that those nightclub patrons–the ones who thought nothing of spending $16 on a martini–could take the cost of one drink and save the lives of an entire village in a third-world nation.

Scott Harrison

Scott still measures his success in gallons, but  But today the liquid he serves is fresh drinking water in places where people are used to dung and dirt-tinged swamp water–or nothing at all.

Scott founded charitywater.org, a nonprofit agency bent on helping a billion people — a sixth of the world’s population — who don’t have clean drinking water.

Through a massive social media campaign, Scott began to get the word out about his charity. He designed a simple brand with powerful images to tell his story. And then he did something most marketers don’t do: he got out of the way.

His Twitter site and Facebook Page encourages people to tell their own story about charitywater.org, and people of all ages and all walks of life are doing just that.

When I saw first-hand the horrible conditions in Haiti before last January’s earthquake, helping with clean drinking water became a part of my own purpose.  My work should reflect that, and so in addition to my own donations I am inviting others to help.  You’ll notice at the bottom of my blog and home page there is a recommended reading list and a Kindle button through Amazon Affiliates. Bloggers and website owners use these buttons to supplement their salaries. I’m donating mine to charitywater.org.

So if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Kindle or one of the books I’ve recommended,  do it here and contribute to a charitable game-changer that promises 100 percent of all donations will go toward water for those in need.

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