Six ways to find your brand voice

Spreeman Brand VoiceHow do your customers feel about your business? When they talk about you to others, what do they say?  We all have a brand voice, whether we know it or not.

A lot of small businesses are fighting for survival in a climate where competition is fierce, and customers are not as loyal as they used to be. Without a brand voice, your strong wall of long-lasting business connections may start to crumble.

Many entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure what a brand voice is. Even more troubling, they haven’t considered their brand identity. When it comes to brand, your voice is simply how you communicate you, your company, and your products or services.

Developing a brand voice requires a strategy and a system unique to your goals, plus time. While you won’t be able get that from a Google search, I thought I’d offer a few of the tips I share with my clients on developing a brand voice:

1.  Study your brand’s history (if you have one). Where has your brand been? What stories have you told in the past?

2. Research your customers. What do they want and expect from your brand? When have they been disappointed or delighted?

3. Focus on solutions. What problems or burdens does your product or service ease? Can your customers share a time when your brand helped them?

4. Identify who tells your story. It might be a real person like your CEO, a commercial spokesperson (Like Flo on the Progressive Insurance commercials), or it may be a faceless, nameless imaginary soul who exudes a warm, trustworthy presence or essence of your brand.

5. Keep it simple. Don’t use jargon, fancy words or long sentences. Write your copy the way you would speak. Be approachable, trustworthy and consistent.

6. Stand out. How are you different from the other guy? What can you do better? Your voice needs to distinguish you from everyone else. You will stand out in the minds of your customers when your unique brand identity is shaped to be innovative, iconic, and true to who you are.

Have you found your voice yet?

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