Social media and your voting experience

Were you a little foggy this morning? I was. Still am, and I brought it on myself.  I was up late into the night texting, Tweeting and keeping tabs on my Facebook friends’ reactions to the election results. (Yes, my last Tweet was after midnight–and I had to stop because my battery died.)

I’m sure the parties at the watering holes and the election headquarters were fun, but many folks like me favored our couches or swivel chairs with the television pundits as background noise.  That’s where the real fun happened.

How did you use social media on election day? Did you get your Facebook reminder to vote? Did you use the Facebook Polling Place Locator?  Did you proudly post the “I Voted” button on your newsfeed? I didn’t, but millions of others did.

Twitter made #ivoted the official voting hashtag, and many used the hashtag #votereport to tweet about their election experience. When I checked in at my polling place on Foursquare yesterday I locked a voting badge and up popped a little song on my phone: “…and the home of the brave! Thanks for voting! Now visit”

And who needed television news anchors when our friends were talking to us from our hands? Lots of Americans with smartphones followed livestreams of election results as they came in on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Today my friends are still in my hands. Some of them need help and a shoulder to cry on–others are celebrating.  I’ve hugged friends in both boats today–in person sans phone.

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