Social media will revolutionize your gadgets

The other day I was cleaning out a junk drawer and found a rainbow-colored stack of floppy disks. Remember when these used to be the coolest thing ever? Remember what they replaced?

My oldest will graduate this year. The class of 2011 grew up without ever knowing about all the cool gadgets we had. Like the gargantuan cell phone we used to lug around, tethered by a chord to a suitcase-like battery.

They’ll never know our painstaking drudgery of writing all of our term papers on dot matrix printer paper, or trying to find that Duran Duran song on our cassette of 80s Hits. That we recorded. From our stack of albums.

The future is converging

Now futurists are looking at how our current technology will evolve to the point where your new iPad and your flatscreen TV will be museum-worthy.

If you think social media is just a fun distraction, fast forward five years and you’ll see how Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms will take over people’s homes. This integration, or convergence, is already happening, and the next five years will see some exciting new trends.

Today's version of a remote control with touch screen.

Imagine getting a new television and programming your touch-screen remote control to integrate all of your social media accounts. Your Twitter username, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, Digg profile, and any other account you have will be embedded into the remote control and all of your other day-to-day devices.

And your devices will talk to each other. Your TV remote will talk to your computer, which will talk to your phone and your music devices.  It all comes down to a way of life as social sharing becomes routine.

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