Social media’s ROI? It’s all about the engagement

How many hours do you spend tweeting, sharing and blogging about your products and services, and what do you get for your effort?

That’s the million dollar question keeping too many entrepreneurs up at night. A lot of business owners want to know how to gage the return on their social media investment. The results might not be something you see on a balance sheet. At least night right away.

Investing time in social media can’t really be measured in the same way as, say, your Yellow Pages advertising. That’s because social media isn’t like advertising at all. Hopefully you use your blog, your tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos to share little pieces of your story. Notice I said “share,” and not “tell.” Sharing is engagement and a willingness to allow others to interject their own little pieces into your little pieces. And all those little pieces add up to the building blocks of your brand.

Building your brand through social engagement allows your audience to enjoy the full, robust flavor of all that you are. And that’s an investment that will keep your audience hungry for more of you.

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