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Secrets to Social Media Success in Foreign Languages

Sometimes we writers, bloggers and social media folk in the West don’t think about the significance of our words until we view them from another perspective. When people in nations around the world log in to your site, what do they see? Are you certain that you are effectively communicating your brand message to them? […]

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What’s your company’s Facebook LPM (Likes per Million)?

  Here’s another great way to gage your Brand Value via Booz & Co.: Every company can compare its brand value to that of its competitors based on a readily available scale: Facebook “likes,” adjusted for company revenue. Measuring brand value has always been something of a dark art. Marketers have experimented with many combinations […]

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Six ways to find your brand voice

How do your customers feel about your business? When they talk about you to others, what do they say?  We all have a brand voice, whether we know it or not. A lot of small businesses are fighting for survival in a climate where competition is fierce, and customers are not as loyal as they […]

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Barcodes are fun now!

My hubby is a packaging design/engineer-type, and so some of the packaging vernacular has rubbed off on me over the years. We don’t say “cardboard” at our house; it’s corrugated. And our kids were raised knowing that the word “styrofoam” was not nearly as cool as polystyrene. But you know what’s even cooler? Designer barcodes! […]

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Who are you ?

What’s missing from your “personal brand?” You!

“This is our daughter, Amy. She used to be a TV news anchor…”      That’s usually how my parents (bless ’em)  introduce me to their friends.  Yes, it was a really cool job title, but that was so 20 years ago.   I’ve had a couple of cool jobs since then: News producer at a Minneapolis TV […]

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