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What’s Your Company’s Facebook LPM (Likes per Million)?

What’s Your Company’s Facebook LPM (Likes per Million)?

via Booz & Comapny Every company can compare its brand value to that of its competitors based on a readily available scale: Facebook “likes,” adjusted for company revenue. by Nicholas Hodson, Umut Aytekin, and Jon Crawford Measuring brand value has always been something of a dark art. Marketers have experimented with many combinations of financial […]

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Are you screaming at your customers?

As a parent of two teens, I can tell you the most effective types of communications that produce results, and the types that inspire eyeball rolling.  Generally: engaging, asking, listening, affirming = good; shouting, screaming, nagging = not good. The best leadership in your family is not so different from the leaders we need to […]

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