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Social media’s ROI? It’s all about the engagement

How many hours do you spend tweeting, sharing and blogging about your products and services, and what do you get for your effort? That’s the million dollar question keeping too many entrepreneurs up at night. A lot of business owners want to know how to gage the return on their social media investment. The results might […]

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When should you teach your kids about Tech?

How early is too early to teach your children about technology? My teens learned to play computer games –even the online games — while still in diapers.  Sitting on my lap, they learned the fine motor skills of clicking a mouse in just the right spot to connect the dots. It wasn’t long before the […]

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Breaking News: The Tweet that started it all

As soon as I heard that President Obama was going to address the nation about a mysterious topic, I sat up in my chair. “That’s weird,” I thought.  The news anchors seemed as befuddled as the rest of the nation. Usually we at least know the topic.  I popped up my Twitter app and squinted […]

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brands nag teens

Big brands nagging kids on Facebook may want to listen

Hey Red Bull, Nintendo, Abercrombie: you might want to quit nagging and start listening to your youngest consumers!  I share this life lesson as a parent, and it’s for your own good. You know how young people retreat to their rooms and close their doors on the grownups in the house? Well, you Big Brands […]

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Your online presence: Don’t use that tone!

Moms are famous for their one-liners, aren’t they? “Don’t use that tone with me, young lady!”  (or “Mister!”) And if Mom could see your posts and your tweets right now, what would she say? More importantly to your bottom line  (sorry Mom), what are your clients thinking when they check out the tone of your […]

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Disney wants your vacation to be Gowalla active

“It’s for the children,” I tell myself. We’ve got the airfare, we’ve got the hotel, and I guess the only thing left to do is go to the app store and download Gowalla. I don’t need another location-based app, but if I want the deals on our Orlando trip then I guess I’ll have to […]

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Bad news message

Social media and your voting experience

Were you a little foggy this morning? I was. Still am, and I brought it on myself.  I was up late into the night texting, Tweeting and keeping tabs on my Facebook friends’ reactions to the election results. (Yes, my last Tweet was after midnight–and I had to stop because my battery died.) I’m sure […]

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fb fan page

Five great reasons your company needs Facebook

Earlier I wrote about why your company should blog and the four key elements to get you started. If you’ve done that, great! But if people don’t know you’ve got something new and interesting to say, why bother blogging at all? The reality is, people aren’t going to come to your blog to read what […]

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Crowdsourcing: If you have to ask…

“What should I do?” Nike Basketball sincerely wants Lebron James fans to weigh in on this creative new ad titled “Rise.” But is the basketball superstar ready for the honest answers? He asks the question more times than I care to count. But he also inserted one sentence without the questionmark: “I am not a […]

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facebook accept

Do you have fake friends?

I just read a fascinating blog post about a guy who exposed a “poser” on Facebook. Seems that he befriended this person without really knowing much about her other than the fact that she seemed to be friends with many of his friends, so he accepted her as his own. But something didn’t sit right […]

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