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Social media’s ROI? It’s all about the engagement

How many hours do you spend tweeting, sharing and blogging about your products and services, and what do you get for your effort? That’s the million dollar question keeping too many entrepreneurs up at night. A lot of business owners want to know how to gage the return on their social media investment. The results might […]

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“5 Essential Facebook Tricks for Freelance Writers”

If you are a freelance writer,  I strongly recommend you check out Carol Tice’s blog, Make A Living Writing. What I appreciate about Carol is her steel-sharpens-steel community of writers who encourage and educate writers in this career step where we can often feel alone in the freelance realm. With guest posts like 5 Essential […]

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brands nag teens

Big brands nagging kids on Facebook may want to listen

Hey Red Bull, Nintendo, Abercrombie: you might want to quit nagging and start listening to your youngest consumers!  I share this life lesson as a parent, and it’s for your own good. You know how young people retreat to their rooms and close their doors on the grownups in the house? Well, you Big Brands […]

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auto thanks

Auto-Tweets: “Thanks for the follow” or whatever

Robots only do what you tell them to do. My inbox has a slew of those auto-response messages from Twitter users whom I follow. Most are spammy, some are cheesy, some are disturbingly arrogant and only a few even try to be creative. But no matter how cool you think your thanks-for-following-me message is,  we […]

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Your online presence: Don’t use that tone!

Moms are famous for their one-liners, aren’t they? “Don’t use that tone with me, young lady!”  (or “Mister!”) And if Mom could see your posts and your tweets right now, what would she say? More importantly to your bottom line  (sorry Mom), what are your clients thinking when they check out the tone of your […]

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How to do something good with Twitter and Facebook this December

Snow on my windshield, check.  Bells and red kettles, definitely. Yes, Virginia, it really is December. In addition to the serving and giving you’re going to do this month, you might want to add tweeting and sharing to your goodwill list. I experienced the sharing of good cheer this morning from someone I didn’t know […]

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Disney wants your vacation to be Gowalla active

“It’s for the children,” I tell myself. We’ve got the airfare, we’ve got the hotel, and I guess the only thing left to do is go to the app store and download Gowalla. I don’t need another location-based app, but if I want the deals on our Orlando trip then I guess I’ll have to […]

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Photo by Sybren A. Stüvel

Are SEO-optimized articles any good?

Plenty of new freelance writers are getting sucked into the vortex of online job boards that are brashly attempting to redefine the art of writing well. I’ve seen my share of these ads for web content writers. Here is a real ad I saw just this week: Are they looking for an experienced writer or […]

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Bad news message

Social media and your voting experience

Were you a little foggy this morning? I was. Still am, and I brought it on myself.  I was up late into the night texting, Tweeting and keeping tabs on my Facebook friends’ reactions to the election results. (Yes, my last Tweet was after midnight–and I had to stop because my battery died.) I’m sure […]

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Insight Banker's Hours

This is your brain on technology

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as I snooze I dream about a Twitter conversation or a Facebook post.  We’re so connected with our projects and our peeps (Tweeps!) 24/7, that it’s almost a relief when the power shuts down. What are we doing to our brains?  Plenty, according to Stanford researchers. An article […]

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