Tech help that gets me

So there you are trying to figure out how to get voice mail from your new Blackberry, or how to set up a system restore on the computer you just bought. Where do you turn for help?

I dread tech help. The hours waiting on the phone, the elevator music interrupted every sixty seconds to let me know my call is important to them, and knowing my time doesn’t matter to whomever eventually picks up.

I’m encouraged today to learn that one company is actually listening by tapping into something its customers have been begging for: on the spot answers from real people for tech questions.

Best Buy is doing it with Twitter by creating @Twelpforce, helping folks like me pose tech questions and get answers in real time. I’m one of 28,000 Twelpforce followers! Check it out here.

Here’s what I like about Twelpforce:

  • Real employees–not computers–run the site around the clock.
  • Feedback is immediate–and no tech questions are off limits.
  • Even if you don’t “get” Twitter, the user page explains how to pose questions.
  • You get the best solutions, even if they don’t come from Best Buy.

What kind of tech help have you found with social media sites?

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