Tell it to the Press

Give reporters the “big bullets” and help them shape your story for your audience.

A two-hour interview boiled down to a 20-second soundbite?

That’s how it goes. Amy Spreeman has been that television reporter – and a magazine interviewer as well.  Amy has also helped numerous companies work with reporters to shape and explain the story for their audiences. So she knows what reporters need to get their jobs done quickly to meet their deadlines.

When presenting your story to the news media, don’t leave the details to chance! With Amy’s media relations experience, she helps the interviewers quickly get their story and get it right.

Amy Spreeman will

Develop your press kit
News releases
Talking points
Product story
Executive biographies

In a crisis?  Amy can help you get in front of the situation to respond appropriately:

Assist with crisis communications
Interview coaching
Prepare statements
Talking points
Connect with reporters







Amy Spreeman: Your Freelance Communications Partner


Amy Spreeman is passionate about creating communication strategies that will help her corporate clients build their brand and their “voice” in the marketplace. As an experienced freelance professional, many corporations and small businesses have brought Amy on board to work alongside their teams, delivering a perspective and skill set to their tables without the additional staff headcount.

With 24 years of proven experience and satisfied clients, Amy is a trusted communicator and value-added resource for teams from global corporations, small businesses, nonprofit groups and civic organizations. Clients include 3M Company, Cargill, Kimberly-Clark, and many more.

Change Management and Strategy Planning
Crisis Communications
Public Relations & Corporate Communications

Coaching Leaders for Media Interviews
Persuasive selling copy that tells your story in your voice
• Inspiring, authentic testimonials from the heart of your customers
Timely blog articles and media presence maintenance
Video and Podcast script-writing and directing
Dynamic web content and Design
Media story pitching
Business and trade magazine articles

From her beginnings as a CBS News producer in Minneapolis, to Media Relations and Crisis Communications at Northwest Airlines, Amy Spreeman has built her consultancy on a vast array of communications skills in everything from web design and social media branding to Public Relations and editorial ghost writing.

Whether you need change management strategy or a new engaging website for your business, Spreeman Communications will help you speak your brand and bring more people to your doorstep with brand messages and stories told in your unique voice! Amy works smart, and at a fraction of what a PR agency would charge.








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