Tell it to the Press

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.00.22 PMGive reporters the “big bullets” and help them shape your story for your audience.

A two-hour interview boiled down to a 20-second soundbite?

That’s how it goes. I know, because I’ve been that television reporter – and a magazine interviewer as well. I’ve also helped numerous companies work with reporters to shape and explain the story for their audiences. So I know what reporters need to get their jobs done quickly to meet their deadlines.

When presenting your story to the news media, don’t leave the details to chance! With my media relations experience, I help the interviewers quickly get their story and get it right.

I can:

Develop your press kit
News releases
Talking points
Product story
Executive biographies

In a crisis?  I can help you get in front of the situation to respond appropriately:

Assist with crisis communications
Interview coaching
Prepare statements
Talking points
Connect with reporters




Amy Spreeman: Your Freelance Communications Partner