Times are tough, but don’t forget to build your teams

The December issue of Insight On Business Magazine is out, and my article on the importance of team building is published!

These days it has never been more important to build those relationships with your co-workers outside of your beige cubicles.  Sadly, you don’t see a lot of that these days as corporate budgets are being slashed.

I remember going to some pretty hoity-toity company outings early in my career.  Lavish Christmas parties with no expense spared. Or team-building outings that included a hotel stay and theatre tickets.

One global company gave away plane tickets, televisions and gas grills at its annual company party.  I don’t know of too many companies that can afford to take their employees on a corporate vacation or buy iPads for every staffer’s Christmas stocking.  Not in these economically-challenging times.

What is your company doing to build teams? I’d love to get your feedback. Check out the article here.

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