“Tweetiquete” means it’s all about others, too!

Are you a Twitter Bore?  If you use Twitter to promote your business, one of the best ways to increase your credibility and inspire others to listen to you is to talk about others. Really.

Sure, you want to tell the world what you’re up to, but if you’re merely tooting your own horn you risk being “unfollowed” pretty quickly.

If you want to be a sincere Twitter conversationalist, apply the Retweet button liberally. Retweets (or RTs, as they’re called), tell the world, “I found this interesting and I think you need to check it out.”

You get two huge benefits from retweets: First, you automatically give the original poster credit, which tells the world you’re humbly pointing away from yourself.  Do this often enough (I recommend to my clients 10 retweets to every 1 of their own promotional tweets), and you’re building your own reputation as someone follow-worthy.

And if you want more of your posts retweeted, do this:

  1. Keep your tweets short–as in under the 140-character limit. That way no one needs to shorten your posts before retweeting.
  2. Shorten your links to other websites with URL shorteners found in Tweetdeck, bit.ly or is.gd or ow.ly.

Second, it makes more people willing to return the favor and retweet your information — as long as you are saying something interesting or useful!. You see, the people who retweet your stuff show up on your home page. That’s right, you can see all of the folks who have retweeted your posts, and they can see yours. If you see people retweeting your posts, immediately thank them and follow them! (Share this on Facebook or Twitter, and see how thankful I am!)

Remember, Twitter is a live human network with people who will either eagerly tune in, or tune you out. Do your tweets get retweeted?  And, do you treat your retweeters as the valuable gems that they are?

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