What a card! Social project lets you get and give Starbucks coffee

This is one of those ideas too good not to share. Jonathan Stark is a regular joe who wants to treat you to a cup of joe at Starbucks. Based on the “Take a penny, leave a penny” dish at service counters, you can now get a cup and give a cup at Starbucks using Jonathan’s Card.

Just take a photo of this card from Jonathan’s website with your mobile phone and head to Starbucks. Let the cashier scan the photo from your phone. If there is enough money on the card account, your coffee is paid for. If not, well you’ll just have topony up this time. But you can also add money to the account for others, in a pay-it-forward fashion.

When I heard you can follow Jonathan’s Twitter account to see how much is on the card at any given moment, I immediately followed! you can check it out @jonathanscard.

Who knows, I might be that gal who springs for your next venti Americano!

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