What do the latest social media stats mean for your business?

A global business I’m working with is run by a very successful woman who is rarely in her office–or in her home state, for that matter.  She spends a large percentage of her time developing relationships with her clients in other parts of the world and making them wildly successful.

She’s right where she needs to be. And because she is, she trusts her online media presence to others like me who can launch timely social feeds that generate buzz.

Most of my clients dabble in social media, but don’t have the time to stop running their businesses to manage their online marketing and media presence.

But the latest trends show us that someone at your company absolutely must be keeping an eye on what your customers are seeing, hearing and feeling from your brand.

Here’s what we know according to Nielen Group:

1.   People spend one of every four of their online minutes on social media networks and blogs.

2.   Wordlwide, we spend 110 billion minutes on social media networks and blog sites every day.

3.   The number of people who use social media sites is up nearly 25% from last year.

4.   The average visitor spends six more hours on these sites than they in 2009.

5.   Facebook is the world’s most visited social media brand with more than half of the world’s population visiting or using.

Imagine not tapping into that enormous potential! Gone are the days when we can dismiss social media as a fad or something that only the younger generation is into.

Social media should be part of a strategic marketing and media plan, rather than something that companies dabble in half-halfheartedly.

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