When hiring a writer makes sense

Have you ever avoided a service or product because of schmaltzy writing? Of course you have! Why would you invest your time, money and reputation with a business that can’t be bothered to proofread its mailer or tell you a compelling story?

When I see spelling errors or grammar mistakes, I assume that the “boss” either doesn’t care about making a good impression or doesn’t know how. But when I encounter sloppy, confusing messages that muddy the brand, I am apt to hold my purse just a little tighter. I think most people lose trust and confidence in poorly written copy because we want to believe that the people behind the message know what they’re doing. Bad copy is an indicator that they do not.

The truth is, we’re exposed to more than 3,000 messages every day, and we make decisions based on how much those messages move us. Whether you own a business or manage a department, success often depends on excellent communications. Your customers are savvy people who care about grammar and about creative, appropriate words.

Not everyone has time to produce excellent content day in and day out. If you don’t have a writer or two on your staff, professional copywriters can bring their expertise to your table by providing that higher level of excellence customers expect. If you can’t afford to increase your headcount, consider hiring a writer on an hourly freelance basis or as a contract employee.

Content copy for your website, team report, newsletter or advertising must absolutely be clear and compelling.

It must be perfect.

Can you think of a time you avoided a service or business because of sloppy content?